Freshplace, a collaborative project of the Chrysalis Center, Foodshare and The Junior League of Hartford, is an innovative food pantry that aims to tackle the issues of chronic hunger in Hartford. Together we have constructed a 2,000 square foot facility in Hartford’s Upper Albany neighborhood to provide:

  • Fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products in addition to pantry staples
  • Client-choice based selections to accommodate the health, cultural, religious and familial needs of those that are hungry.
  • Comprehensive intake and referral services, increasing access to food stamps, health and crisis intervention programs, public assistance, and educational services.
  • A community hub and resource, assisting in the revitalization of Upper Albany, supporting the network of existing area food pantries, and creating a center for community involvement.

We believe that in an atmosphere of dignity and respect, we can work together to help reduce and eliminate the need in our midst.

The Need is Great

Hunger is a significant problem in Greater Hartford - one that affects 100,000 people in our community. Chronic hunger exacerbates many of the social problems in our area, including problem pregnancies, the incidence of premature, high risk birth, and children too listless or restless to pay attention in school. Teens living with food insecurity are more likely to have health problems, get into trouble, use drugs or alcohol, drop out of school and attempt suicide. Chronically hungry individuals are more prone to drug and alcohol abuse and are more likely to commit crimes in pursuit of food or the means to get food.

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