Actives and Sustainers of the Year

In 1988, The Board of Directors initiated a volunteer recognition awards program which is designed to honor an Active Member and a Sustaining Member for outstanding contributions to the League and to the community.


Active of the Year Sustainer of the Year
1988 Marilyn Ridolfo Ruth Wessels
1989 Carle Mowell Barbara Cambria
1990 Pat Lorenson & Kate Morgan Lenore E. Preble
1991 Carolyn Robinson Susan Brown
1992 Catie Olinski Judy Warren
1993 Beverly Boyle Gretchen Hill
1994 Bobbie Lingard & Mary Ellen White Sally Richter
1995 Moraith Driscoll Eunice Groark
1996 Beth Fitzgerald Bunny Belanger
1997 Lynne Fletcher Nancy Trachsel
1998 Lynda Smyth Ranjana Chawla
1999 Tiana Gianopulos Mary McKone
2000 Kelly  Jarvis Karen Chapman
2001 Jodie Liddy Melinda Sullivan
2002 Eileen Daly Ann E. Thomas
2003 Wendy Avery Carle Mowell
2004 Laura Amenta Joan Wood
2005 Laura Hosmer Carrie Hammond & Mary Sargeant
2006 Jane K. Warren Mary Martin
2007 Julie Runkle Francine Christiansen
2008 Carolyn Hoffman Peggy Reynolds
2009 Sarah Thrall Nancy La Perla
2010 Lucy Magnus Marianne Zinzarella
2011 Julie Krug Mary Lynn Gorman
2012 Jessie Gagnon & Kristen Fritz Susan Redfield
2013 Lindsey Meehan & Molly Towne Carlene Bush
2014 Meghan Guerrera Ellen Coco
2015 Piper McPherson Nancy Zwiener
2016 Roza Kogan & Jessica Olivieri Susan King
2017 Jocelyn Hawkins Billie Reese
2018 Lissa Johnson Meghan Guerrera