Bubbly & Bites

This year’s Bubbly & Bites Friend-Raiser popped a cork with over 70+ online participants, $4,500
in net revenue, and friendships reignited through our tiny computer screen-squares. The
generous donations received will benefit the JLH Annual Fund, which helps provide funding for
the programs and projects of the Junior League of Hartford that address and strive to meet the
needs of the Greater Hartford community.

During the Bubbly & Bites event, attendees heard from JLH President-Elect Bria Day about the
impact the JLH has on our greater community through our support of and projects with other
local non-profit organizations, such as
In addition to monetary donations, the JLH support includes in-kind
donations, access to resources, and lots of trained volunteer time that many of you have so
generously given.

BGCH Smart Girl of the Year

The Boys and Girls Club of Hartford, the current focus project of the JLH, shared information
about some of their after school activities during this “new way of life”, as the children attend
school virtually or in person or in a hybrid mix. Also showcased was the BGCH SMART Girl of the
Year award recipient, Ma’Layasia Thompson. The presentation emphasized her strength in
overcoming physical challenges, the support system behind her, and her future dreams to
become Dr. Thompson.

Interior Designer Tips

The Bubbly & Bites attendees were then invited into the home of Jeanne Barber, founder and
owner of Camden Grace, Interior Designer. As she toured us through her beautiful home,
Jeanne shared helpful décor advice, including what size carpets should be used based on room
size and furniture placement, and how to properly position a wall gallery. Her magnificent
kitchen island was a real highlight!

JLH’s Centennial Year

2021 is the Centennial Year of the Junior League of Hartford which formed in 1921, and Jessica
Pieri, our current JLH President, celebrated our league’s history by reviewing some of the
accomplishments of the Junior League of Hartford over its rich, one-hundred-year history.
Lastly, Sustaining members Ann Louise Price, Kathleen Schuster, Allison Schmitz, and Deb Ortega
provided recorded vignettes of what the Junior League has meant to them, including fond
memories of Show Houses past, lifelong friendships made, and the long standing Sustainer
community project, Souper Sustainers, which is a monthly commitment to provide food and the
volunteers to serve it at Loaves and Fishes Ministry in Hartford.

Thank you to our event supporters

It was an evening filled with laughter, fun prizes, memories, JLH history, and an abundance of
generous donations from you and our league friends. A special thank you to Cheyney Barrieau.
who emceed the event, and a huge thank you to all the companies that donated to the event:
Gillette Ridge Wines, Vivid Hue Home, Max Downtown, Arethusa’s Farm, De Vars-Phillips Florist,
Crystal Ridge Winery, and Glastonbury Adult & Continuing Education.

Stay tuned for the next JLH event to come!