Souper Sustainers

Founded in 1986 by Susan Brown and Barbara Cambria, Souper Sustainers was created to encourage the continued membership and enthusiasm of JLH sustainers and to meet a community need. The Junior League of Hartford, Inc. partnered with Loaves and Fishes Ministries, a non-profit organization that provides human services to the poor in Hartford. Through education, food, counseling, and economic development programs, Loaves and Fishes hopes to create diverse, healthy, and self-motivated communities.

The Souper Sustainer volunteers make a commitment to provide and serve food for a healthy mid-day meal at the Loaves and Fishes center one Friday per month. (At least twenty other community organizations have made a similar commitment.) There are approximately 120 clients who arrive for lunch every day. Designated committee members shop the day before the meal and deliver the food to the kitchen. The serving volunteers arrive on Friday at 10:30am and serve food until 12:45pm. There are 7 volunteers scheduled for each Friday. The committee maintains a substitute list in case a volunteer is unable to fill her shift. Volunteers often bring family members to help during the busy holiday season.

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