Donate to The Clothes Horse


About Your Donation

We gladly will accept your donations during store hours in order that we may provide you with a receipt reflecting your donation.

 Your donation to The Clothes Horse helps the Junior League of Hartford, Inc. serve the Hartford community in two ways:

  1. Your clean, sellable clothing and household items are sold in a high end resale shop.
  2. All proceeds from sales at the Clothes Horse help fund the projects and programs of the Junior League of Hartford.

Tax Advantages

Your contribution can be deducted on your federal income tax return. However, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that you be able to substantiate your non-cash contribution with a receipt. Please be sure to fill out a receipt (provided at The Clothes Horse), and have it signed by a Clothes Horse Staff Member. The donor is responsible for assigning a value for donated items.

The following Internal Revenue Service Publications may assist you and your tax adviser:

Please note that this is not intended to be tax or legal advice; you should consult with your tax advisor for help determining if your contributions are deductible and the fair market value of your contributions.

Donations We Are Happy to Accept

  • Current fashions and accessories for men and women
  • Jewelry: fine and costume (our best seller)
  • Outerwear: coats, hats, gloves, scarves, fur and leather coats, jackets and new or slightly worn shoes & boots
  • Tuxedos, special occasion and evening wear
  • Vintage and retro clothing and accessories. Evening wear, hats, scarves, jewelry, household items. Early 1900s through the 70s are great! Costumes, all sizes
  • Bed linens, table linens, blankets, towels, curtains, fabric, etc…Please, no stains, tears or fading.
  • Artwork, pottery, paintings, prints, housewares, books
  • Holiday items, decorations, unopened gifts
  • Unopened perfume, cosmetics and toiletries
  • CDs, DVDs, video games, books on tape/CD
  • Furniture: Small items only. End tables; smaller chairs (no larger than a wing chair); plant stands, etc. Please call first to make sure we have room

Donations We Cannot Accept

  • Clothing that is soiled, stained or in otherwise worn-out condition
  • Clothing that has been in mothballs or a musty basement
  • Kids/baby equipment (car seats, cribs, bicycles, etc.) / children’s clothing
  • Linens with stains, fading or tears
  • Opened games, puzzles, toys
  • School/college books, encyclopedias
  • Sheets and towels worn-out and/or stained
  • Shoes that are regularly worn. They should be new or in nearly-new condition
  • Tupperware, plastic containers, plastic kitchen items
  • Computers, electronic items

We cannot accept anything broken, chipped, torn, worn-out or stained. We are dedicated to providing high quality items to our customers.

Please do not bring excessive amounts of donations at one time (five or more large bags or boxes). While we appreciate your generosity, we have very limited space.

We very much appreciate neatly folded clothing or clothing donated on hangers.

Please be selective when donating

Thanks for all your support and your donations!