Show House 2018

The Junior League of Hartford

Show House 2018
126 Waterside Lane, West Hartford

Show House  is the signature fund raising event of the Junior League of Hartford and has raised over $1.6 million for its charitable projects and programs. This highly anticipated event occurs every three years and most recently concluded in May 2018. There is no similar event in Central Connecticut.

The Junior League takes over a notable home or estate in the Greater Hartford area and selects designers, local and regional, to makeover the interior spaces and surrounding grounds, a process that takes months to accomplish. During the month of May, the public is invited to view the grand home that has been transformed both inside and out. Funds are raised through the sale of tickets to tour the completed Show House, by special events associated with Show House, individual and corporate sponsorship and program ads.

Show House is more than a home tour, it is an experience. In the past, guests have been able to shop at our boutique full of exclusive gift items, or purchase designer furnishings featured in the Show House.

Additionally, Show House anchors a season of social events for the Junior League and members of the public, all showcasing the home and grounds, and prominently recognizing the Show House sponsors.

If you have questions about Show House 2018 or would like to support the event as a highlighted designer, sponsor or vendor, contact us at


2018 Show House Designers

Kristen McCory for McCory Interiors
Kellie Burke for Kellie Burke Interiors
Sharon McCormick for Sharon McCormick Designs, LLC
Cynthia Kranz and Keatha McCue for Galway Stallard
Edith Whitman for Edith Whitman Interiors
Kathy Hayes for Inside Story
Katie Wickham, Jennifer O’Connell, Tracey George for Blaze & Bloom Vintage
Ann Wolinsky for AKB Design
Francesca Simoncelli, Michael Mueller and John Dusseult for Ethan Allen, Canton
Erika Laurito and Deborah Cadogan for Erika Z Interior Design Studio, LLC
Jennifer Moreau for Moreau Designs
Candace Kearney for Wild Rose Landscaping
Michele Mader and Grace Gulli for The Furniture Barn, Cheshire
Katy Attianese for Bee Hive Home
Erica Moses for Zona
Jennifer Czerwinski for JKC Interior Styling
Kathleen Schwartz for Kathleen Schwartz Flower Design
Heather Grahling for Vivid Hue Home
The Sewing Loft of Avon
Stanley Peck for Old Lights On